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Varennes Carbon Recycling selects Accelera by Cummins PEM electrolyzers

Varennes Carbon Recycling selects Accelera by Cummins PEM electrolyzers
Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzers have a solid polymer electrolyte membrane. When used to produce hydrogen through electrolysis, an electrical current is applied and water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen protons pass through the membrane to form hydrogen gas, which is then captured to use as a fuel source or for use in industrial applications (photo courtesy Accelera by Cummins).

人氢技术供应商“Accelera by Cummins", a business segment of global power technology major Cummins Inc., has announced that it has been selected to supply a 90 MW proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolyzer system for Varennes Carbon Recycling’s (VCR) biorefinery project in Québec (QC), Canada.

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VCR is a consortium between Shell, Suncor, and Proman, with the support of the Canadian and Québec governments. The biorefinery will be powered by the exclusive waste-to-methanol technology platform developed by Enerkem.

This electrolyzer system will be comprised of four “HyLYZER-5000s”—Accelera’s largest electrolyzer product. Each HyLYZER-5000 utilizes 25 MW of electricity and can produce up to 10 tonnes of hydrogen per day.

This first-of-its-kind installation will provide the capacity needed to generate clean, renewable hydrogen and oxygen for VCR’s conversion of waste material to low-carbon-intensity fuels and circular chemicals.

The facility is under construction and scheduled to be operational in 2025.

VCR is thrilled to partner with Cummins’ new brand Accelera on this ground-breaking project. Accelera’s PEM electrolyzer product, when coupled with the Enerkem technology platform, will double the yield of the methanol produced from waste material. The synergies of the colocation of the biorefinery and the electrolyzer, powered with Québec clean electricity, really set a new precedent in the biofuel and circular chemicals sectors. We are looking forward to this new strategic partnership, said Cole Henderson, General Manager & Portfolio Engineering Director at VCR.

“Firsts” for a zero-emissions technology brand

Cummins launched its zero-emissions technology brand Accelera earlier in March 2023 with a broad portfolio of market-leading renewable hydrogen solutions that have been part of many of the world’s hydrogen “firsts”.

These include powering the world’s largest PEM electrolyzer in operation at 20 MW in Bécancour, Canada; the world’s first megawatt-scale demonstration plant for storing wind energy in the natural gas grid in Windgas Falkenhagen, Germany; and the world’s first hydrogen refueling station for ships, cars, trucks and industrial customers in Antwerp, Belgium.

Our partnership with VCR illustrates Accelera’s role as a global technology leader and highlights our ability to scale hydrogen production across a variety of industries. This project will be the first installation of Accelera’s HyLYZER-5000, which generates five times more hydrogen than any of our PEM electrolyzer products currently in use and can accommodate the power needs for large-scale hydrogen production. Additionally, this is the first time our electrolyzers will power biofuel and circular chemical production, showcasing our unique capabilities to innovate and meet customer demands while accelerating the shift to net-zero emissions, said Amy Davis, President of Accelera by Cummins.

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