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WBA releases Autumn webinar series program

WBA releases Autumn webinar series program
Corn stover at a smallholder corn processing site in northern Thailand.

As an organic, renewable, and sustainable energy source, biomass plays a vital role in the global low-carbon energy transition. This involves interlinking climate change mitigation, technological innovation, and inclusive development. In response to these dynamic challenges and promising scenarios, the World Bioenergy Association (WBA) has unveiled its Autumn webinar series agenda in collaboration with Bioenergy International.

WBA’s Autumn webinar series follows on from its successfully concluded Spring series. Hosted on Zoom, all webinars are free to attend, but prior registration is required. Past webinars can be viewed onthe WBA website.

Biomass deployment in Asia

First up in the comprehensive four-part series is ‘Opportunities for biomass deployment in Asia’ set to take place on August 29, 2023.

As the demand for clean energy escalates, so does the significance of biomass in shaping Asia’s sustainable energy mix.

Harnessing biomass for energy offers a unique opportunity for Asian countries to reduce their reliance on coal power, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, stimulate job creation, and attract investments.

View of the Krabi Oil-Palm Farmers Cooperatives palm oil mill Federation
The palm oil mill operated by Krabi Oil-Palm Farmers Cooperatives Federation Ltd generates about 500 m3 of palm oil mill effluent (POME) per day during its processing. This is piped online from the production to the KrabiWTE biogas plant built next door.

With its vast biomass resources ranging from lush forests to agricultural residues and organic waste streams, and growing commitment to renewable energy, the region offers a compelling landscape for bioenergy deployment.

A panel of experts will share their insights into the advancements made in biomass deployment, and shed light on the economic, environmental, and social benefits, potential, and challenges that come with harnessing this renewable resource.

The goal is to “ignite meaningful dialogues that expedite the widespread adoption of bioenergy solutions, catalyzing sustainable progress throughout the Asian continent.”

Clean green cooking

The second webinar ‘Critical role of modern bioenergy for green cooking’ is scheduled for September 26, 2023. With nearly one-third of the global population still depending on unsustainable cooking methods, green cooking emerges as a key transformative opportunity to accelerate the transition to global sustainable development.

The webinar will be a platform for experts to share insights into the latest advancements in bioenergy cooking technologies, case studies, and policy frameworks required to accelerate the transition.

Transforming cooking practices through modern bioenergy is a game-changer. Not only does it offer an environmentally cleaner alternative, but it also empowers communities with healthier living conditions, making the simple act of cooking a catalyst for positive change, said Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Executive Director of WBA.

Pellets in Latin America

Previous WBA webinars have discussed the potential of biomass pellets in Africa, the turn has now come to Latin America. On October 31, 2023, the third webinar in the series is ‘Advancing Pellet Production in Central and South America‘.

With abundant biomass resources, this region holds immense potential for pellet production, contributing to local and global sustainability efforts.

This webinar will explore the region’s progress in pellet production, including technology, investments, and policies, to drive its expansion.

Biofuels for transportation

An EHANG 216 urban copter from Thai drone company Sky Image Tech (SIT) Co. Ltd at a mobility trade show in Bangkok.

Contributing nearly a quarter of global energy-related carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, the transport sector represents a great opportunity in the shift toward cleaner alternatives – road/rail, shipping, and aviation.

While much (European) media attention and debate has been on the electrification of modes of transport, the internal combustion engine (ICE), and the jet turbine will remain as part of the powertrain mix for the coming decades.

The final webinar of the Autumn webinar series, ‘Liquid biofuels as a critical solution for decarbonizing transport’, is scheduled for November 28, 2023. It will focus on the role of liquid biofuels in mobility with discussions about the latest advancements in biofuel technology, real-world case studies, and policy support needed to accelerate its implementation.

The potential of bioenergy and biofuels goes beyond a shift in energy sources; it’s a paradigm shift toward sustainability. Through these webinars, we can delve into the intricate balance of harnessing nature’s processes to power our lives, while addressing the urgency of climate change, said Alan Sherrard, Editor-in-Chief of Bioenergy International.

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